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  • Kids can’t do LASIK, but they can do CLASIK!


    (Contact Lens Assisted Sight Improvement for Kids)

    CLASIK Vision Care seeks to:

    • Utilize the latest technology in contact lenses to help children eliminate or reduce the need for daytime wear of eyeglasses and contact lenses

    • Utilize the latest in myopia control techniques to reduce the progression of myopia in our young patients allowing them to enjoy greatly improved vision health that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

    • Help children improve sports performance through the vision benefits of contact lenses

    Myopia (blurred vision at distance) affects 41% of the population by late adolescence and, in 1990, the financial cost of myopia in the U.S. was estimated at $4.8 billion. High myopia carries an increased risk of many eye diseases and is the 7th most frequent cause of legal blindness. Parents frequently ask questions such as, “Why does my child’s vision keep changing?” and “Is there anything I can do to keep my child’s vision from getting worse?” CLASIK Vision Care seeks to utilize the latest in myopia control techniques to build a practice dedicated to the control and improvement of nearsightedness in children.

    Hyperopia (blurred vision at near) affects about 12% of American children aged 5 – 17 and is strongly associated with many common eye conditions, particularly amblyopia and strabismus. Proper vision correction with glasses or contact lenses is essential to maximize your child’s vision performance for reading and school work.

    Astigmatism (blurred vision to some degree at all distances), usually caused by a cornea that is shaped more like a football than a baseball, affects about 28% of children aged 5 – 17 and is a common cause of squinting, eye strain and headaches. CLASIK contact lenses provide excellent visual acuity for school and sports that eliminate the vision distortion that astigmatism creates in eyeglasses.


    Exciting new research has shown that the rate at which the vision for nearsighted eyes gets worse can be slowed or even stopped. C.L.A.S.I.K. Vision Care offers three options for myopia control.

    A nearsighted eye is longer than the normal eye. This means that instead of focusing on the back of the eye (the retina), light focuses in front of it, causing blurred vision. Nearsighted vision will continue to get worse as a child grows because the eye also continues to grow. The causes of myopia are both genetic and environmental. Evidence continues to accumulate regarding the role of the peripheral retina for regulating eye growth. Myopia control contact lenses change the way light is focused on the peripheral retina, effectively slowing eye growth.


    Multiple studies have shown that corneal reshaping lenses can slow the growth of the axial length of the eye by 55% and slow the rate of refractive change compared to eyeglasses and regular soft contact lenses. Modern overnight corneal refractive therapy is an effective treatment for myopia control.


    A two year study showed the myopic progression of soft bifocal lens wearers was 50% slower compared with standard soft lens wearers. Axial length growth was reduced by 32%. Children tolerate bifocal soft lenses as well as they do standard soft lenses.


    Atropine is a drug normally used in the eye to make the pupil bigger and to prevent the eye from being able to change focus. The ATOM study showed nearly a complete halt to myopic changes over a two year period. The ATOM 2 study showed that low dose atropine (Atropine 0.01%) has minimal side effects compared with atropine at 0.1% and 0.5% and retains comparable efficacy in controlling myopia progression.

    Remember, there are substantial variations in the degree of eye elongation among children and there is currently no way to predict the degree of slowing for any individual.

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