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Contact Lenses

We carry all brands of contact lenses at competitive prices. And we accept most vision insurance...


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  • We carry all brands of contact lenses at competitive prices. And we accept most vision insurance plans.  We also fit specialty contact lenses for keratoconus, post-refractive surgery complications and many other problems. CLASIK corneal reshaping lenses can eliminate the daytime need for eyeglasses OR contact lenses whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism.

    Are contact lenses recommended for children? For sports? Are contact lenses safe for kids? These questions are asked regularly by parents as their children begin to express an interest in wearing contact lenses.

    A 2007 study by Vistakon reported, “Children as young as eight years old who need vision correction are as capable as teenagers at wearing and caring for soft contact lenses and should be presented with the option of contact lens wear when vision correction is required.” The study showed that contact lens wear improves how children and teenagers feel about their appearance, about their participation in sports and activities and leads to greater satisfaction with their vision correction1.

    Whether your child is ready for contact lenses depends on the child’s maturity and ability to handle responsibility. Contact lenses require a certain amount of care. Patients who do not follow proper wearing schedules and lens handling and cleaning procedures can increase their risk of complications. If your child has good personal grooming habits and is able to handle household chores such as keeping their room clean, they may be an excellent candidate for contacts.

    Contact lenses are an excellent choice for sports. They can improve visual acuity and peripheral vision as compared to eyeglasses. Using contact lenses eliminates the risk of eyeglasses breaking and, with proper fitting, are unlikely to “pop out” during sports.

    1Vistakon-sponsored study indicates kids, teens prefer contact lenses over glasses. Vision Monday. December 2007.

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